Network Installation

Private Virtual Cloud Network: We are able to create private virtual networks within the already established system to provide prioritization of connections. This is ideal for every scale of enterprise and helps to reduce interference in the network and assists in handling large volumes of connections without vital operational systems being affected. Virtual cloud networks are available and are able to act as constant backup to a local server, so that even if the Internet goes down anything in the cloud system will still be Stable and usable.

Capture Portal Customization: This is ideal for small businesses that would like to provide a free or paid WiFi option, or broadcast a private channel. We can give you the tools to set up a customized landing page for your WiFi connection that will be able to collect data such as email, location,  phone numbers and more.

Long Range Connectivity: Businesses that have multiple operations across large geographic areas are able to be serviced with ease as we have the ability to send 5 GHz back-haul signals up to one hundred and forty kilometers per relay. If you have an office that is one hundred kilometers away, we can connect them to your network with relative ease.

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