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1. The Pros and Cons of Angora Rabbits. As mentioned one of the pros is that the conditions are better when compared to outdoor. What you will not appreciate with these bunnies are the problems with fleas or mites that occur. Lessons learned from a rabbit newbie. Lionhead rabbits are known to be very curious, energetic, playful and adorable, and can be clever and timid at the same time. Rabbits require a great deal of room to run around in. Give them a full water bottle every day. You will need to be strict with your bunny to get them to listen at first, but don’t be harsh with them because that will confuse or scare them. 1. You might adore how they look with the longer fur in their mane. 17 Cedar Mulch Pros and Cons. 13 Lionhead Rabbit Pros and Cons. Lionhead rabbits as pets. However pet lovers should keep in mind the pros and cons of petting a rabbit. This article covers some of the benefits to having the procedure done (if performed at the right time by a rabbit-savvy veterinarian), and it also includes a few notes on … Thinking of getting rabbit? Lionhead rabbit book for pros and cons, housing, keeping, breeding, diet and health. Cons: Taking care of their fur is always a hassle. Don’t shy away from the idea of adopting a rescue if you like the idea of having Lionheads at home. 13 Sugar Glider as Pets Pros and Cons. Do you miss something? Post navigation. Lionhead . Lionhead Rabbits can run into dental problems. In general it is proven that rabbits who live indoors tend to live longer when compared with rabbits who live outdoor. Rabbits are very clean pets, even cleaner than cats and they do not have any smell. Because they are a social animal, it helps to have more than one at home to reduce their anxiety levels throughout the day. 3. You will need to take some time to brush out the mane of the rabbit at least once per week so that it doesn’t get matted. Rabbits are sensitive to anesthesia and having a rabbit savy vet do the procedure helps, but it doesn’t eliminate the risk. Their lifespan is the same as other rabbits, approximately 7-9 years. The purchase of a Lionhead Rabbit depends on the pedigree you choose, your geographic location, and the quality of bunny that you want. Because of their smaller size, compact bodies, and rounded shape, Lionhead Rabbit are usually featured as a fancy breed. They have many qualities that make them endearing as pets and are very popular amongst pet enthusiasts across the world. Moreover, there is a lesser chance that your lionhead gets infected through contact with other animals because “wild” animals can’t get close. Grooming your lionhead rabbit helps to distribute its natural body oils to keep his skin healthy, shiny, and soft. The Lionhead Rabbit is one of the smallest breeds of domesticated bunnies that is available today, with the average adult weighing only three pounds. By keeping them outside you might prevent these kinds of damage. 15 Ferrets as Pets Pros and Cons. Continue reading for more details on the same. If you see them lying around with one ear raised, then you know that they’re listening to the environment without paying much attention to it. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. PART TWO: >> READ MORE ABOUT CONS OF KEEPING OUTDOORS << The care and upkeep costs of Lionhead Rabbits can be high. They are ideal for … 2. The average Lionhead Rabbit will live between 8 to 10 years when it receives proper care in your home. 13 Sugar Glider as Pets Pros and Cons. If you are thinking about adding a bunny to your household, then here are some of the pros and cons of a Lionhead Rabbit to consider. Some are even around for 10 years. You must keep them almost exclusively indoors. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In comparison to keeping your lionhead outside you will eliminate the risk that other animals (fox, ferrets, dogs etc.) Did you know that Lionhead Rabbits will growl when they are angry with you? After weighing the pros and cons, if you have decided to adopt a dwarf bunny, here are some important aspects that will help you select the right bunny to its care and grooming. You’ll also want to pay attention to their teeth-grinding noises, as soft vibrations indicate they are happy, but loud scraping sounds can be an indication that they are in a lot of pain. A list of all the pros, do you know a pro that isn’t included in the list? For example, Lionhead rabbits have long hair just on their heads. If you keep your lionhead indoors it is easier to get a connection between your bunny and you and the rest of household. Rabbits cannot be kept in their cages 24/7 – they need space and time to explore. Rabbits like to feel safe and secure, so it is important that you include in your hutch somewhere for him to hide out in: a shelter or b… You can train them to use a small litter box without much difficulty. They are generally tolerant of children, can work with other pets, and have an overall good nature that makes them a fun addition to the home. Rabbits spend most of the time in cleaning their fur, so bathing your rabbit can be very stressful to him, to the point of a heart attack. 14 Dog Clicker Training Pros Cons. Rabbits are very social as well as active and playful, forming a close bond with their owners. As we explore below, Lionhead rabbits are particularly prone to dental problems. Although you can find the occasional individual that prefers independence over human contact, most of them love some snuggling. Another breed you might be interested in is the Jersey Woolie! Lionhead Rabbits do not grow to be very large. Don’t underestimate the level of fun and joy a lionhead brings into your life when you decide to keep him indoor. Many lionhead owners choose to house their rabbit indoors. These bunnies don’t like to live in stressful environments, so you’ll need to remove as much anxiety from their routine as much as possible. These costs include your medical supplies, grooming needs, food costs, and a home for your bunny. 15 Pros and Cons of Moissanite Engagement Rings. 1. 12 Bernese Mountain Dog Pros and Cons. Post navigation. My name is Sara Paplia, and I am the owner of Bunnizona, located in Clay Center, Kansas. Starring Bonnie and Phoebe my mini loppers. It is a good idea to spay or neuter your pet. A two-tiered hutch is particularly good, as it takes up less space and can be more fun for your rabbit to hop about in. Pros: Lionhead are very small, timid, cuddly, and have excellent temperaments. You’ll want to make sure that you seal off any of the spots where they could wander off before letting them loose for some exercise. All it takes is one trip outside to encounter this problem, so you will want to take the time to mow your lawn, remove tall grass, and keep the rabbit away from any trees. 18 Pros and Cons of Fiber Cement Siding. When you start looking at the local shelters and rabbit rescues that may be near your home, you will find that Lionhead Rabbits and other dwarf bunnies are sometimes widely available because some people don’t realize how much attention they require. A rabbit is found to be a friendly animal and they are very much engaging and amusing for the person who pets them. We love our rabbits, all 11 of them. We have them for a variety of reasons and I am going to share with you the pros and cons of keeping rabbits on a small homestead. Until that day arrives, make sure their home is properly secure. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Since it is more likely that you will play with them they automatically get more exercise and as a result they will be in better shape. Many people love Lionhead Rabbit because they love a good cuddling session. Recent Posts. Although you can keep a Lionhead Rabbit outside in a well-constructed cage, their lure will bring predators to your yard to check out your new pet. Lionhead Rabbit. Due to the fact that you will be able provide more attention you will sooner get a bond. The amount that you need to spend each year on your new Lionhead Rabbit depends on several factors, including the quality of merchandise that you purchase, but it typically falls into the range of $300 to $750 per year. 6. That means you have to be committed to the care your rabbit requires week in and week out. PART TWO:  >> READ MORE ABOUT THE CONS <<, TOP 10 Rabbit Cages, Hutches & Pens in 2017 (Expert Review). Just be sure to brush your bunny. And it's easy to see why, the Lionhead bunny has a magnificent wool mane that makes this small rabbit so very unique and unlike any other. Lionhead rabbits as pets. 4. The origination of the Lionhead rabbit is not really known, although they are believed to be a cross from Angora or Belgian Dwarf to Swiss Fox. Personally I had pros and cons on both colors and so in discussion with Lynne and her list of pros and cons, I agreed to pull chestnut as a back up to Lynne. If you keep your lionhead indoors they might damage your interior if you let him out his cage. Newer posts ← Previous 1 2. 16 Advantages and Disadvantages of Peters Map Projection; 19 Biggest Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars; You will love the friendliness of a Lionhead Rabbit. If your pet is feeling lonely, then you are going to hear about it! See also: TOP 10 Rabbit Cages, Hutches & Pens in 2017 (Expert Review). Even if they are in a cage, the mere presence of a dog or ferret can be enough to spook them. The temperature is more stable and also comfortable, your lionhead definitely appreciates that. A Lionhead rabbit is a breed that originated in Belgium and is relatively new. Even if you live in the city, street dogs will start venturing by if you keep this bunny out in the backyard. Most of them can even begin to respond to basic commands when you give them enough patience. I list some pros and cons of keeping pet bunnies! Is a rabbit the right pet for you? Lionhead rabbits are known to be very curious, energetic, playful and adorable, and can be clever and timid at the same time. We have listed eighteen of the best rabbits breeds to keep as pets to help you narrow down your choice. – Might damage your interior. 7. The following part of the article includes: choosing the right breed, its compatibility with children and other pets, housing and protection and some caring tips. They don’t make much of a fuss like other bunnies either, which is another definite advantage for the breed. Rabbits are gregarious by nature and need almost constant companionship to avoid emotional suffering. Other clinics will be more, others less. Rabbits are cute―that’s a given, and that is the main reason why many want to adopt them as pets. You will need to take your bunny in to have regular dental checks as part of the ongoing care that you give them. Since they can be a little jumpy, you might find that your bunny doesn’t like this process and will turn it into a big headache for you. 17 Pros and Cons of Owning a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. There are some dogs with shorter lifespans than lionheads.

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