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Cyber Security training should be personable and relatable. Yet, more than 30% of employees surveyed by Wombat Security Technologies didn’t even know what phishing or malware was. Larry Kahm is president and owner of Heliotropic Systems, an IT provider for small businesses and entrepreneurs, located in Fort Lee, NJ. Juan Manuel Harán 5 Nov 2019 - 11:30AM Information Security and Cyber Crimes About Presenter Kandarp Shah has worked at a managerial position for leading Info security consulting organization and has been engaged to provide advisory and auditing services to customers across verticals for … There are training programs, some even free such as the WhiteHat Certified Developer Program, that can add to a company’s training and education arsenal and help both security teams and IT/development teams learn valuable secure coding skills and how to secure applications through. Last year, 28% of attacks involved insiders. Welcome to the Security Awareness training. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 30 percent of phishing messages were opened, and around 12 percent then actually clicked the malicious link or attachment. Do you want access to systems you used 5 years ago? This keeps them much more attentive than just a boring statement of policy and procedures. People enjoy videos these days. I never reveal who was to blame as I explain the test is not a witch hunt, but an awareness exercise. Do not do it in isolation. I try and share these examples through our intranet platforms as they happen, to try and capitalize when other employees may be receiving similar phishes. Create consequences. For the developers in our company, security about our internal assets, but also how we build and operate systems for our products. Although adequate security systems are vital, these findings point to the importance of educating employees on cybersecurity best practices. this will happen. A slide presentation with topics that highlight how hackers affect the specific organization’s industry should be included. In reality, a huge proportionof breaches are initiated using very low-tech attack vectors like phis… Contents: Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) • Applicability 2 • General computer and information use 6 • Responsibility and Accountability 9 • Using a WAPA Computer –Limited Personal Use 10-11 • Telework and Travel - Employee Access and Protection 13-14 • Password Management 15 • Using Email 16 • Local Administrator Accounts 17 • Portable and Removable Media 18-23 Making it fun is important but making it positively interactive is critical. of information systems . Keep your staff up to date on new developments and tools, and make sure to run assessments and micro-training at regular intervals to keep your team vested in the process, and aware of new and emerging threats. Berkeley and earned a computer science certificate from Harvard. No longer is it taking months or years to build out IT infrastructure and applications. There are many. The 9 Security Awareness Training Topics Your Employees Need for 2019! If you are implementing new cybersecurity rules, create consequences for following or not following them. End-user support and dealing with security … I use colorful stories from my past exploits to make the lessons more enjoyable. While your employees may pose a security risk, with the right training you can reduce the risk of falling victim to cyber crime. Once a year is not enough. It is easier to turn a blind eye and think nothing bad will ever happen to you. Have a point contact or shared email box where they can forward suspicious links. Isaac Kohen is the founder and CEO of Teramind, an employee monitoring, insider threat prevention platform that detects, records, and prevents malicious user behavior. Too often these types of presentations aren’t industry specific and seem out of touch with what your employees do every day. Roleplaying phishing scenarios, talking through real work attacks, watching the Pwn videos from Rapid 7 that detail some of the ways they have successfully breached client’s security are all fun ways to engage the audience. No other organization boasts a similar depth or range of cybersecurity expertise. Secondly, always emphasize how destructive lack of knowledge and negligence could be. Make the information relevant. Chief Communications Officer, BeenVerified. Until that happens, training is just something employees have to suffer through, rather than being something they understand they need to do. As an example, 1 in 3 workers in the utility industry in Michigan recently opened a fake phishing email even though those people are mandated to go through security training. Teaching employees how to detect a phishing email is very important, especially as the mailbox is so often the key to password recovery/password reset for other services. For remote workers in particular, phishing, social engineering, compromised passwords and weak network security can expose your business to attackers. Avoid cyber security courses where IT teams are scolding, Use stories/videos to drive home the point. This goes way beyond just making sure you update your password with strong alpha-numeric characters regularly per corporate password reset policy. ISACA: previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Compliance Association, it serves 140,000 professionals in 180 countries, so there is probably a chapter near you. All the business person needs to do is to make a conscious effort to think about security. Include role-playing and testing. Security awareness training is a method of educating employees to the dangers of phishing or other online scams and should be a required component of every organization. For starters, if they are going to invest in phishing training, then they should adopt tools that are gamified and tailored to each user’s specific level of awareness. In many businesses today, it might be just a matter of days or hours. This may be the only way to recover from severe ransomware attacks. If nothing else, no one wants a boring recitation of policy, procedures, and best practices. Whether the training is online or in a classroom, it must be interactive and engaging. Hands-on simulations/real-world training and tabletop exercises are influential in building offensive and defensive cybersecurity skills and help assess an organization’s situational preparedness. Ensure cybersecurity is a part of every employee’s performance goals. Training is much more effective following a social engineering test. Believe it or not, you can become a frontline defense security expert to assess whether any application or system you access is vulnerable to some attack. Cyber security awareness for students 1. A project to crowdsource a security awareness training checklist. Despite this, there are at least two fantastic reasons to maintain a strong SAT program: 1. The concerns that are typically expressed by one person in the group are usually shared by others and always leads to lively discussion and better training. Employees need to be educated on what a phishing email looks like and why they are BAD. Call it a lunch and learn or do it in the afternoon and call it a snack and learn. Ask the IT staff if your data is being backed up regularly. Despite a slightly strange name, this “, SecureWorld puts on security events and provides a portal for curated vendor materials, such as this, ESET offers a free cybertraining course that I have. Think about it. Author of Bullseye Breach: Anatomy of an Electronic Break-In. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap, Start a Cyber Security Awareness Training Program Your Staff Can’t Ignore, Start a Cyber Security Awareness Training Program Your Staff Can't Ignore. Eyal Benishti is a veteran malware researcher and founder and CEO of IRONSCALES, the world’s first automatic phishing prevention, detection and response platform. Also think about if there are any concerns with other business areas – physical access control, third parties like banks, etc. People always remember training best when tested with real-world role-playing and testing. Takes an hour or less and have someone come prepared with some best practices and stories of how people have made poor security decisions (we play this part for our clients). Employees need to better appreciate the potential business impacts of their actions, and they need to be held accountable. Simplify messaging to its bare essentials and do not cover more than one topic in a single security awareness program. If you can show them how you tricked them into letting you into the facility, the success statistics of a spear phishing attack, and/or the success of phone call social engineering, it leaves a big impact. I make sure that I provide plenty of time for people to ask questions about their personal cybersecurity concerns related to their email, social media and smartphone use. ), from its well-known CISSP qualification, but this educational non-profit membership organization does a lot more than that. I give out candy when someone answers a question posed to the group. I also get a benefit from this, as I can learn what the security environment was like at their previous company. The reality is that dealing with security is a business issue (not an IT issue) and it involves hundreds of little things (usually not expensive or time-consuming) and not just the several big things you think you need to be doing (which can be costly and time-consuming). It’s important for people to understand the risks of not being informed and educated regarding cybersecurity. Thank you Cyber Security Training Slideshow - Training & Development - Spiceworks These changes in behavior can really make a difference beyond just updating antivirus, OS patching, and firewall security controls. Understand your environment and hone in on whatever applies to your employees. At Intel, Mr. Towle specializes in optimizing Intel-based security designs to contend with modern-day threat vectors for Cloud Service Providers. There are quite a few security-related associations that you may be able to tap for help with your security training and awareness program. Benjamin is a cybersecurity attorney specializing in helping businesses understand, manage, and mitigate their cyber risk. I was fortunate to meet some of these folks last week at an event called Security Professionals Conference 2019 presented by EDUCAUSE, the  nonprofit association that helps higher education “elevate the impact of IT.” I was honored to serve on a panel consisting of myself, Robert Jorgensen, Cybersecurity Program Director and Assistant Professor at Utah Valley University, and Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. Attribution of all Business Communications. Security awareness training The 2019 The Essential Cyber Security Checklist 2. Challenges and Threats Organizations Face, 17 Types of Cyber Attacks To Secure Your Company From in 2020, 11 Enterprise Password Management Solutions For Corporate Cybersecurity, 11 Steps To Defend Against the Top Cybersecurity Threats in Healthcare, 2020 Cybersecurity Trends: 31 Experts on Current Issues, 13 Best SIEM Tools for Businesses in 2020 {Open-Source}, Don’t leave your laptop or desktop alone with applications open. You can easily incorporate funny and relatable scenarios to keep your employees attention all while helping them understand why cybersecurity is vital. Even boring training is better than no training. All Rights Reserved. Just talk about it. Joshua Feinberg is a digital strategist and revenue growth consultant, specializing in the data center, mission-critical, and cloud services industries. Make it real-world. Check out the website. It’s important to train yourself to get into the habit of verifying the author or creator of a digital communication to you (via email, text, social media, automated message, website alert/notification, etc.). These world-leading authorities have identified the most critical threats and developed a quality curriculum to teach an end user the appropriate behaviors to take when faced with security risks. You can find a host of. The pace of change within and outside of an organization is staggering. CenterPoint Energy, (CNP), has a responsibility to protect its resources so … President, PlanetMagpie IT Consulting Secondly, and most importantly, organizations must realize that humans alone – no matter how much training – can never be relied upon as an actual security safeguard. Mindfulness with safeguarding your Identity. Motivate with incentives: From simple recognition to formal awards, incentive programs like belts, certificates, spot bonuses, gift cards, etc. It can also reward those who do. People don’t like change, so if you are implementing new rules make sure to explain *why*, in simple terms that your employees will understand. Role-Based: Security is a shared organizational responsibility, and there are many stakeholders including general staff, infrastructure, cloud, and development teams, and managers that need to write policy and ensure adherence to compliance and other mandates. This is called a “phishing simulation.” This link will actually take the worker to a safe page, but you must make the page have a message, such as “You Fell For It.” You should also make sure that these emails look like a phishing email, such as adding a misspelling. The sessions are usually long and tedious, and users understandably view them as a distraction from their work. If it included the public details from Uber, Equifax, Ashley Madison, Delta, etc. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. We do this by sending out test phishing emails and track which employees click on the link in the test email, and then we can educate that employee on a personal level. Do not victimize, or make examples out of your team. Important tips include: ... must adopt a viable security training program that should encompass the essential guidelines needed to thwart imminent cyber … Bring these cases to life with numbers and data proving the seriousness of the topic and showing that it can happen to the most sophisticated systems. This must be done on a continual basis, in layman’s terms and at a minimum of six-month intervals. Make sure you have a backup of your laptop or workstation’s data. With security threats evolving every day, it’s important to not only train your employees on thwarting cyber attacks but also to convey the importance of security awareness training. (ISC)2: you probably know the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC squared, get it? whatever you need to convey your cybersecurity message. If the email is from someone you know, call them to double-check. Use examples from real life cases. To an outsider, it’s easy to imagine that network breaches are the work of cutting-edge hacking groups. I don’t make it just about the company. Infragard: this is the public-private partnership spearheaded by the FBI and now accessible via 82 chapters around the country. Keep it actionable. Identity Theft Expert with HotSpot Shield, Marketing Associate, Hummingbird Networks. After the recorded session there should be a quiz to measure how effective the presentation was with the target employees. Accountability does not mean the company focuses on punishing those who do not comply. HI PaulSmith41, I was searching the web for security awareness training idea and I ran across your presentation. The same rule as you would use for a phishing email: Be very skeptical. Eastwind Networks is a cloud-based breach analytics solution that aims to protect government agencies and enterprise organizations from cyber threats that bypass traditional security measures. After presenting information about security awareness, come up with a scheme to set up a situation where employees are given the opportunity to open a very alluring link in their email. That applies to any presentation though. I explain that if we can make ourselves safe, it is better for our employer, our family, and society in general. A big part of thwarting attacks is to keep the team trained. Hackers will go to great lengths to trick employees/end-users to steal their access credentials. Similar activities can target mobile devices or laptops by asking employees to download unauthorized software. If you’re a business, you might think you don’t need to educate your end users about cyberattacks, compliance issues, and other risks they face online. Employees will learn best if they are placed in actual situations that reinforce what they just learned. Cisco and others have videos that can be used in training. James Goepel, Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Technology Officer at ClearArmor Corporation. Actually do training. access to or . He currently oversees BeyondTrust technology for both vulnerability and privileged access management solutions. It is likely that they will try to use social engineering to convince you to send it. Here are some examples of how we train employees: I try and spend some time with each new employee to reinforce our security culture from the beginning. in your area? To stay ahead of security risks, here are the top three practices to put in place: Mike Meikle is a Partner at secureHIM, a security consulting and education company that provides cybersecurity training for clients on topics such as data privacy and how to minimize the risk of data breaches. This only creates risk, and it’s OK to ask for a list of things you still may be able to access and request that access be removed. Here are some that I think may be useful in the current context: A project to crowdsource a security awareness training checklist, The 9 Security Awareness Training Topics Your Employees Need for 2019! Live websites and video should be used to keep the audience engaged. As chief information officer, Tom is charged with key industry and market regulator relationships, public speaking initiatives, key integration and service partnerships, and regulatory compliance matters. And then, we gave it away! against. They have just seen one example of a test, so I tell them some other ways an attacker might exploit them. How to avoid scams, credit card protection (how to avoid skimmers), and encourage them to share the material with their friends in family. What is attribution? The secret sauce for cybersecurity is focusing on two simple things – Talk about it and think about it. The same is true of malicious URL’s. It’s a sad fact, but SAT programs are often dreaded by end users. For example, a phishing exercise where employees are sent random phishing emails to see if they click on links or attachments provides valuable feedback to both the IT department and the employees. For example, if you are in education, then REN-ISAC is the one you need to know about. – When the message is relevant to the employees. It is amazingly powerful seeing one employee explain how they got a phishing email and how they fell for it and say how they avoid it in the future and then hearing weeks later that someone else in the room saw the same thing but were not a victim because they listened to that story. it is not a lot but it gets people involved. If the email doesn’t end in “” you likely are being subjected to some sort of deceptive communication. BeenVerified is a leading source of online background checks and contact information. Also, the Information Security group can send out regular email blasts on threats and create a monthly newsletter or blog to keep security in the forefront of employee’s minds. With more than 20 years of IT industry experience and author of Privileged Attack Vectors, Mr. Haber joined BeyondTrust in 2012 as a part of the eEye Digital Security acquisition. You can apply here. Want to connect with other people working on cybersecurity? © 2020 Copyright phoenixNAP | Global IT Services. There are too many distractions. A contest amongst employees to see who can spot the most phishing emails (by forwarding them to an alias) puts some friendly competition into the mix while providing a valuable exercise. That was a reminder of why we have procedures around patching systems and keeping our use of open source software components up to date. She enjoys researching and writing about all things cybersecurity. denial. When I visit them for the next training (often a year later), my clients remember the old tales and tell me how they have seen similar things during that time, and are excited to learn some new stories. use your phone’s hotspot, so you are not allowing other devices to view your network access. If you have an admin handling your mail, make sure they ASK directly, or by phone or text, before they take any action. CompTIA: while security is not the sole focus of this non-profit computer trade industry association and certification body, it can be a great source of information about cybersecurity.

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