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Wireless air-fiber technology is an innovative Point-to-Point wireless system designed to optimize wireless network performance efficiency to deliver astonishing speeds at great distance. This new technology is challenging existing network models and systems along with being exemplary for businesses large and small, including back-haul carriers, public and private infrastructure and more.

We are clean, green and using the speed of light to create a secure wireless network environment with an impenetrable firewall for all your Internet needs. We directly connect to a local data center’s fiber.  We can then beam the signal up to one hundred miles away or more if needed. This wireless air-fiber signal is received at our location of choice and used to create a WiFi bubble up to a fifteen mile diameter around the receiving antenna. This WiFi signal will be available on local devices and computers in the area, giving access to the Internet, or a private and secure Intranet at amazing speeds.

For further upgrades on quality and security we can add additional access points thus boosting parent signal while increasing multi-device connectivity. We can bill accordingly based on service requested and data speeds required. Full on-site or remote video and audio surveillance capabilities available featuring parental controls and more.

We beam Internet through the air, called PTP, or (point to point) with a non-harmful RF frequency (radio-wave) signal that is better for the earth and its inhabitants. This is a non-microwave technology that does not harm the bees, birds, ocean life or humans.

Decades in the making, tested and successfully working in dozens of locations around the world. This proprietary WiFi technology is made possible because of the genius of Ubiquiti technology and the unique way we at Quanifi use all the layers of the OSI model (like Cisco) only better. We find and use non-microwave, radio signals just released by the FCC that are open for traffic and ready to use safe, clean and green.

We can create private, safe and secure 5 GHz networks for personal or business use. Create local WiFi hot spots and AP access to local businesses or points of interest. Let the expert team at Quanifi AirFiber Technologies install your complete wireless AirFiber system today.

No more buffering! No more dropped calls using only wifi apps! No More harming our DNA the birds and the bees!
Help support this environmentally safe technology, before 5G is everywhere ending life as we know it, by donating to us at either PayPal: (please use the “Family & Freinds” feature to avoid fees) or by Bitcoin at: 1JEzp6WPNx3rskRhVmkSoXHQsWDL7zcGUx

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