LightSpeed Wireless AirFiber

Super Fast Wireless at Fiber Optic Light Speeds

Stream 4k on Multiple Screens & Devices with no buffering

Safety Beyond Any Other Current Wifi System

Most Reliable and Stable Wifi Network

Secure and Encrypted, Cleanest Wifi Signals Ever

Network Privacy Like No Other

Non-Microwave Wifi Technology using the AM band

Does not harm Birds, Bees, Ocean Life or Humans

Using the white light spectrum and being able to access theĀ  seven layers/colors, like a rainbow, for a completely safe and secure network experience every time. No more buffering ever again, even in full 4k.

Distances up to 100+ Miles – Create Wifi Bubbles Up to a 25 Mile Radius

Quanifi AirFiber is a W.I.S.P. = Wireless Internet Service Provider


Let the experts at Quanifi help you create your perfect high speed wireless network solution.

Quanifi AirFiber Technologies:

San Diego – 619.609.7109 or 213.633.7225
Baja – +52.1.661.106.5095 or +52.1.661.120.6028
Currently serving San Diego and Baja Mexico areas.


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